My Own Private Tsunami 

Monday, January 17, 2005

In the dream, Jeff and Leanne had a cottage by the sea. This sea was a cold, northern one.

Some things happen. The details I can recall happened near the end, just before the alarm clock in the next room went off and woke me up. It was a good thing I woke up when I did because I did not look forward to drowning in those frigid waves.

Jeff and Leanne went out and I opted to stay home, take it easy, be alone for a few hours.

The waves frothed into a storm. I did not leave when I could have. I wanted to stay in and not be wet. Outside was wet. Inside would be fine.

Then - crackling! The patio splintered apart as the waves tore it in two. My way out was gone. I ran to a corner, the waves rushing so fast towards me that I did not have time to close the door. The waves peeked in at me, then pulled back. I ran to escape and the waves were waiting for me from behind the door.

The waves oozed in like that latest video from Banda Aceh.

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