New Year's Resolutions 

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Out of my four new year's resolutions for 2004, I achieved one. I prepared my new year resolutions for 2005 in November. In the last 24 hours, I've prioritized:

1. Via Litblitz, my really big resolution is to not only get published, as I was three times this year (four, if we include my published illustrations), but to get money for my writing. Even $10 would be nice.

2. Via Raspberry, I got this idea (in her words): "reach out in person the way you reach out on line."

3. Learn how to cook.

4. Help out Adrian. He is my cousin's ten-year-old stepson and he is neglected. With his blonde blue-eyed spoiled half-brother in centre stage, the pack of adoring grandparents hardly pay attention to Adrian. My cousin, well, his excuse might be that Adrian is not his biological son and a reminder that his girlfriend has had other boyfriends. His mother, likewise, might not want a reminder of an ex-boyfriend. All of them blame poor little Adrian if the half-brother is naughty. Even if I speak up and point out that Adrian was behaving, my relatives do not heed the words in his defense and continue scolding the boy. When Adrian hides from these horrid adults in an empty room, his mother yells at him for not being social enough. Tonight, as I was protesting the injustice of Adrian's treatment (and, I shamefully admit, the taint of racism - Adrian is half black), my best friend made a suggestion: become Adrian's penpal. Send him letters. That way he will have one adult in his life who gives him respect. He can look forward to my letters every week or every month. It'll be something that someone does only for him, not for his brother, who is already showered with gifts and adoration. So I vow, to visit Adrian once I return from my vacation and to begin writing letters to him from across the city.

You can still read my original November list below.


Following Antipixel's example, I prepared my own list of things I will do as of next year. (My key, if you have any suggestions, is CBpAxDd3rmSpx1wWS3lDAM7NTuA=).

Some of the things on my list (become a published and monetarily compensated writer, write a novel, write letters, read more books, learn to draw again) go on the list year after year.

I've mulled over it before, but this year I will hunt down seven old friends. My grade five teacher, my grade ten art teacher, my wonderful high school history teacher, my friend the Ondine (who doesn't want to be found just yet), and three as-yet-undetermined others.

I need to play more boardgames in 2005.

I would love to make one of my goals to "laugh hard every day" but considering I have no close friends nearby, ain't gonna happen. In 2004, I only laughed really hard about four times in 365 days. No wonder I worry too much.

Going on a road trip with no predetermined destination is something I wish for every year and it might actually be possible now that I have a good car. I can get somewhere in a weekend, I imagine.

As for making sweet love to a manatee, breeding toucans and becoming a mad scientist, these might be things I can do vicariously through my characters. (I already have a wacky manifesto.)

One of the two original ideas for a 2005 goal is to scatter cryptic notes and drawings all across the city. I've made plans for it before, but this year I'll really do it. (Check, see pocket letters.)

The other one is to be widely regarded as "saucy." Yes, I think I should be more saucy.

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