The Pink Wants You 

Friday, January 28, 2005

David, of Upside-Down Hippopotamus, asked in Strife on the Subatomic Level: "...do you ever worry that particular pairs of molecules are best friends, and that one ill-fated slice of a tomato might separate them forever?"

My answer is that, yes, I worry about inanimate objects being separated from their friends. One lonely vase atop the kitchen table with one sole rose? Solitary confinement! The poor flower and the poor vase, missing their friends - I even have problems throwing out browned bouquets because flowers were once glorious and to see them wasted away and reviled - it reminds me of the sad decline of Eddie Murphy.

I told David about my students in Japan: "When I worked in an elementary school, my students were worried that the pink magnet were all lonely up on the chalkboard, while the red, blue, yellow, and green magnets had lots of friends. When I got a few more pink magnets, the kids cheered."

To which David replied, "I think you should secretly replace a different-colored magnet with a pink magnet every day. And when the kids ask where all the pink magnets are coming from, tell them that the other magnets are being recruited."

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