Rabbit Hole Day 

Thursday, January 27, 2005

In honour of the first annual Rabbit Hole Day, I have been looking out for leprechauns.

The leprechaun webcam is cunningly hidden in this location: "a field overlooking a fairy ring in Tipperary, Ireland. In a dip in the Glen of Cloongallon, Ballyseanrath lies the fairy ring itself. It and its fairy inhabitants are shielded by trees ranged around the perimeter, mainly chestnut, with one magnificent oak over 600 years old. Over the years it provided leprechauns with acorns for their pipes and other Irish fairies with shelter. The tree is protected by an Irish fairy known as a skeaghshee or tree spirit. The camera is concealed in a cavity in its trunk, and a branch supports an antenna!"

Others claim the leprechaun wears red and has red hair. Funny, because a heavily tattooed leprechaun wearing purple rattlesnake-skin boots has been making kissy-lips at me for a quarter of an hour now.

Hebdomeros is getting into the act: he gives us Hieronymous Bosch action figures!

Lady Litblitzin attacks Alice from the sensory side - the auditory and the olfactory.

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