Illustration Friday: Year of the Rooster 

Thursday, February 10, 2005

This rooster, based on one found on a Fante flag, now roosts on page 79 of a Korean book about (perhaps) Life. The Chinese characters for life, ming sheng, are on the cover. First published in 1950, my copy is a 1985 book discarded from an Asian library at my alma mater.

I drew this rooster with a pack of felts that belonged to my ex-fiance. Some of the colours (such as the dark brown crest) sported globules of pigment on their heads, more like what you would expect from oil pastels.

The Fante of Ghana, who created the nineteenth century flag from which I adapted this rooster, used applique technique to make their flags. The rooster originally faced a clock-bird and a man who held both birds on a leash.

However, since it's the Year of the Rooster, the clock-bird will have to wait its turn.

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