A New Haunting 

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Today, I and I alone discovered a new haunting. No one except me and my informer know of it.

The building is in shambles, though my informer works on renovations as he procures the funds. He replaced the flimsiest parts of the floor, though the walkway leading in still presents danger. When he got the place it was full of rat nest and lumps of dead rats. The children of one former tenant were too lazy to use the stairs so they cut a trapdoor into the floor and used a ladder to get down.

Rumour in those parts has it that the wood used to build the house came from a nineteenth century ship.

"Shall I tell you about the ghosts?" he asked me.

Shall he?! He doesn't know who he's talking to!

"Sometimes, I hear sounds that you don't usually hear when you are alone in a house," he said. Perhaps, he speculated, it was the captain of the lost ship.

He claims that he doesn't believe in ghosts. He did add that he would like to shake hands with this ghost if it had a hooked claw replacing its hand.

This is the fifth haunted location in town and the seventh ghost.

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