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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ms. Rurality of Rurality just over-cuted me with her chicks and more of her chicks. It gets better: "I love the racing stripes [on the chicks] but I'm trying to resist the temptation to name them all after Formula One drivers." No, madame, that would be cute beyond all reason. Name thm quick before they grow up!

Then: "A chick can't stand being left out of something important. And they're not as gentle as you might think. If one can't muscle her way in, she'll make a flying LEAP onto the pile of chicks in front of her. This goes for feeding time as well as nap time."

Woo hoo for chicks!

(I once had a cast-off chick. It was a black one that got sick. My foster sister gave it to me and then her mother bought her a new, healthy chick.

My little black chick came to live in my bedroom. I put a bowl beside my bed and layered it with a towel. For a week (I stopped going to school) I stayed in my bedroom feeding my chick with an eyedropper. The chick seemed to recuperate.

On the floor, I built it a pen with towels. When I had to go out, I hurried back. My little chick always ran to me as soon as I returned.

Life as a chicken momma ended too soon. Despite this brief interlude, my chick once again succumbed to illness. I hardly moved and lay in bed with the chick on my chest. It couldn't even drink from the eyedropper. In the afternoon, it died.

I didn't want to throw it in the garbage, as my foster family suggested. I went to the moat and placed my chick on the water. It floated away.)

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