Popcorn Party 

Friday, March 25, 2005

I always knew crows and pigeons were party types.

A pigeon intelligence researcher I once met, told us that pigeons were far smarter than chimps. We already know they are quite the art connoisseurs: any pigeon could beat out the best of our laymen at distinguishing between a Monet and a Picasso. The pigeon researcher's pigeons got their own keyboards and learned how to type. "Get me food, slave," and things like that.

Crows, yup, they're tool users and an altruistic bunch. Crows squawk when they find a big chunk of roadkill to alert others in the community that they have a huge meal and they can't possibly finish it off on their own so they might as well share and not let anything go to waste.

So, they eat garbage. But don't we eat hot dogs and hamburgers?

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