Sunday, April 10, 2005

I am thankful to the following people and their blogs.

My occasional pining for Taiwan gets catered to by the Taiwan Photoblog. One photo in particular made me really happy - the two god puppets (I will have to look up their names). A regular sight along Taiwanese thoroughfares, these parades have an erratic schedule. In Taiwan, I simply carried my camera with me every where. ***Update: it gets better. And better. I think Leslie deserves to be a permanent fixture under Taiwan Blogs (see right).***

Another recent gem is Jen's funny post on the whole Pope-Camilla Parker-Bowles brouhaha. "Tell you what, folks. If you want someone to worship , worship me. I am simultaneously regal and proletarian," quoth the lass. Plus, Jen appointed me Duchess Ambassador of Romanian Canadian Blondes and Hamsters. It doesn't get any better than that.

Another something that's stayed with me for a long time, is Hebdomeros' ladybug adventure (here and here): "I popped it out of the dustbin and it crawled away under the laundry machine. I can only assume going home by way of some magic portal. I imagine their homeland to be some vast forest that's always green and lush, and there are plenty of aphids to munch on." I recently watched Nausicaa again and all I can picture is ladybugs the size of King Kong trampling our cities.

On this site, in a four-day period, over 250 visitors came to this site looking for Mohammed Bijeh, the Desert Vampire of Iran. I have finally cornered my section of the internet. This angle was better than my menstruating hamsters, Mr. & Mrs. Vandertramp, O-zone the boy band, and aunt slipper spanking (about once a week).

Like Linda of Broadsheet and her embalmed pope, I found cornering the ghoulie market helps. Of course, my own ghoulie interests make it easy for me to supply what this segment of the market demands. Thank you, ghoulie market for making me feel so special. By the way, April's Roadkill of the Month prize goes to Iceland.

Karen of Rurality wrote such nice things about me and that really made my day. Crenguţă, by the way, bit me again this morning when I tried to replace the roof of her house. Very territorial hamsters are. I've also been meaning to point out something that Karen wrote a while ago, about butterfly names: she compiled a list of outlandishly delightful butterfly names in her field guide. Her top pick is the Redundant Swarthy Skipper; but there are also butterflies christened aftter punctuation (the Hoary Comma, the Question Mark). I have decided to request reincarnation as a Malicious Shady Skipper if reincarnated as a butterfly I must be.

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