Vibrissaetely, or the Collecting of Bru-skers 

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dominocat replied to my query about cat whisker collecting:
I don't really remember when or how it started.

I noticed more whiskers when we got a dark red carpet in the lounge - Oliver and Minnie's white whiskers showed up more easily. I started out just putting them on top of our fireplace, but soon realised that this was a pain when cleaning! A friend sent me a toy mouse called Didl (very big in Germany, apparently) and his chubby well-stuffed cheeks were perfect to store whiskers on.

I just collect my cats whiskers, but I've found a couple at my mum's house and kept those too. Somehow, I always get excited when I find whiskers from Bruno, my black cat, mostly because they are black they are hard to see.

I think I have around fifty or so, only nine are Bruno whiskers (or Bru-skers as we call them) Most of them are kept on Didl Mouse, but I have another mouse that I'm starting to use, as Didl is getting full up!
Dominocat also uploaded a picture of the fully-loaded Didl Mouse just for Maktaaq and readers of Maktaaq, along with a picture of the newly be-whiskered Willie Mouse.

Dominocat says: "This cat whisker collecting thing is bigger than I thought! Maybe it should have a name, like they have "philately" for stamp collecting..."

The Latin vibrissae, or nostril hairs, lends itself to the official christening of this hobby: ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Vibrissaetely.

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