Spawn of Yoda 

Friday, May 27, 2005

A while ago, Rurality said I got Yodic. Couldn't quite figure it out, I did.

Language Log, the blog that makes linguistics child-friendly, tried to put reason into the rhyme of Yodic. However, Yodic is more of a fidgety yak than imagined, making up its own rules as it goes along. What Language Log did get is a whole slew of new Yoda words.

Yodic is the first of the new words spawned by the little green man (check out the comic strip on that last link). There's also Yoda-speak in this analysis of Yoda's syntax.

A third entry brings us Yodian, as in "It still gives a vaguely Yodian impression" - a synonym for Yodic? - and Yoda-ish (another adjective meaning not Yodic but rather mimicking Yodian/Yodic talk) along with Yoda-ize (to make speech resemble Yodian/Yodic talk), Yoda-ization (the noun for Yoda-ize), anti-Yoda and Yodettes (quoted, a term for the offspring of a Yoda-Jar Jar cross-insemination).

Another entry on Language Log disappointed for its lack of new Yoda words. I checked all four entries and realized that a Mark Liberman wrote the first three, and Geoffrey K. Pullum the one without new Yoda-izations.

A perfect antidote to all this talk of what merges phonologically, is a new spoof of Star Wars, Store Wars (via Mirabilis).

Your broccoli, chew you must!

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