Crenguţă Update II 

Monday, June 13, 2005

Crenguţă finally screamed.

I tripped over her hamster ball; the ball spun around in a tight circle.

Her screams were terrifying. I thought I'd killed her. Of course, she peed her pants. The hamster ball oozed with hamster urine. I apologized to her while she had free run of the lamp table.

A pearl drop of hamster musk poked out of her butt.

Crenguţă also has a new habit. Whenever she has not had enough of a walkie in the hamster ball, she attacks her water dispenser. The only problem is that now the floor of her cage is soaked.

Since she turned her house into a latrine, I keep having to wash it (usually an overnight soak) and the lack of a house means that she must make her nest directly on the floor.

Now that the floor is wet, she keeps relocating her nest around the cage.

In conclusion, all this detail lavished on my hamster means I am a certified spinster. The only solution is that my collection of pharmaceuticals is vast, I have vodka and plastic bags are everywhere. Get it over and done with already!

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