Light Theory 

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Recently I crashed a Filipino party. Ate all the food, tried to impress the person next to me with my scant knowledge of her country, threw out a few choice words - lechon, halo-halo - that made me look like an expert.

When I left I made sure to hug my erstwhile hosts, leaving them to wonder exactly who the hell I was.

Then I realized something.

The lights were on. All of them. They were having a party in a bright room.

I flipped through the rolodex of past parties attended. Other parties, with all the lights on, in Taiwan, in Hong Kong, in Romania, in Italy. But all parties in Canada and all foreign parties abroad hosted by Canadians, dark, dim lights. All young peoples' parties but with a clearcut dichotomy.

Which leaves me to wonder how I ended up at so many well-lit parties while I travelled. Are foreigners less afraid of their zits? Do Canadians look better when you squint at them? There must be something I'm not entirely getting.

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