The Medea of Monotony 

Monday, June 27, 2005

"I need to keep my strength up so I can live my pointless life among the rocks on this mountain!"

(From the Pika Headquarters)

"In reality a director always makes the same film, at least for a long period of his life, just as a poet always writes the same poem."

Pier Paolo Pasolini

One Medea grew bored with the sacrifice-grow-sacrifice-grow routine.

It gets tedious after a while to always strangle young men with a log, chop them up into bits, and smear leaves with their blood.

Enough already! thought Medea.

Colchis was no fun. Yeah, they had a golden fleece, but so what? At night there was nowhere to go but to pray in the temple.

Medea was as blue as her wardrobe.

Then a chance at fun. She had to chop up her brother, Absyrtis, along the way - you know how it goes.

(Her brother's demise was quite different from those other fertility rites. Medea's mom freaked out.)

Medea experienced pangs of conscience. Jason, though, knew how to soothe that out.

That's when Medea ditched her dark dress in favour of clean white lines.

It didn't last long. Soon a new bride rode into town.

Medea could no longer gaze over the landscape of Jason's body. He even accused her of only liking him for his body.

She went back to wearing darks. Things were more boring now than before. At least in Colchis everyone liked her. Corinth didn't want her within its gates.

How could Medea know that she'd have more fun yet? There was Aegeus of Athens and maybe Achilles in the afterlife. How can anyone know what the future may bring? Medea, archaeologists now guess, was a shaman back home, not a sorceress as the Greeks made her out to be. No wonder she was all gloom and doom when Jason dumped her.

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