Monday, June 27, 2005

Just as I think about hiatus, everyone else threatens to disappear entirely: Jen, Litblitz and MaikoPunk. Never mind that one of the greats, Baboon Ass, packed up and left town forever.

Meanwhile, Tina and Eeksy-Peeksy just returned after a few low-lying months.

It's Blogger. That's the web thingie that hosts our blogs, or whatever the correct techie terminology is. Blogger supplies us with the spamalicious blogspot address, the Hotmail of the blogging world, now turned away from leaving comments on at least one other blogging competitor.

Blogger has a transient sort of feel to it. That must be why no one stays here for long. Either they really get into blogging and redesign the template before they scoot over to an address free of blogspot or they just plain quit.

I thought about quitting before. After all, this is a complete waste of time. And this chair is really uncomfortable.*

I've been writing since I was eight or so, whether it's been 'zines, comic strips, newsletters, press releases, ripped-off Tolkien poetry, diaries, handwritten letters in the Victorian style, this blog or epic short stories that have gotten me booed off stage. I'm finally getting a bit of adulation (thank you!) but most nights I'm bingeing on Oreo cookies to Abba songs.

I'm sticking around because this is slightly more productive in a long line of literary procrastination that delves, at times, into diaries of unrequited crushes - eight notebooks once! - and snarky letters to the ex.

One solution I see fit is to follow Paul's advice:
Cut down on the number of posts. Quality, not quantity. If you write 3 posts, consider publishing them over 2-3 weeks to give yourself some breathing room. Get your life back.
Paul is a good authority. Not only is he a blogspot squatter too, he gets double-digit comments to every post. He's popular online. He knows what he's talking about.

I was going to conclude with the plea About-to-quit bloggers, please reconsider? On second thought, I won't. Who am I to know what your reasons are?

*Raspberry will recognize this chair from the lightbulb company. When I left, I didn't steal just the pens like everyone else.

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