Rurality Does It Again (and Again) 

Monday, June 06, 2005

Ms. Rurality of Alabama's blog is one of the brilliant children of the *gasp* blogosphere*.

Not only do her photos make farming cool now that the rest of us are stuck in urban centres like sitting ducks awaiting the downward slope after Peak Oil, she also writes with imagination.

The roosters are magnificent. Please, Rurality, please do not have eaten the strutting rooster at the top. Look what you made me do, the grammar in that last sentence makes no sense! Madame, I will forgive you if you make us a calendar for 2006 with the strutter.

But it's not all chicken chronicles with Rurality.

She gets terribly poetic sometimes. You end up wanting to run away and live in the mountains.

Butterfly wrangling - it can't get more romantic than this.

*At least I didn't capitalize it.

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