Still on the Trail of the Cockroach 

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Still researching the cockroach article:
  • Befriended a doctor's receptionist over the phone who wants to join me on my roach forays at Chinese pharmacies.
  • One Chinese pharmacist I visited also turns out to be a fortune-teller; he refused to divulge any secrets about my future but gave me his card to make an appointment for consultation.
  • The guy who runs the SFU invertebrate library invited me over for a visit.
  • A friend's mom told me that she remembers roaches being barbecued curbside in Hong Kong during the Sixties.
  • This same friend's mom told me she had roach broth as a cure for her coughing - it tastes salty. (The other cure for sore throats is still-warm one-year-old male urine.)
I decided to take my research in a different direction and see if anyone out there eats roaches. My curiosity went too far. I really didn't need to know that there is a cockroach porn video. You didn't either.

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