Street Dogs 

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

If I were living in Taiwan or Romania, I would be writing a version of Bangkok Street Dogs.

A friend adopted her Socrates off a Taiwanese street and even imported him to Canada. When strangers wonder what this huge bone-thin breed of a white dog is, she tells them he's an Ethiopian terrier.

My parents adopt Romanian street dogs. They usually have from three to six dogs at any one time. Sometimes they find new homes for the excess dogs.

Cora was one of those dogs. She came in a bundle, with her two brothers, Eddie and shy little Căprioară.

I vowed to adopt Eddie and bring him to Canada. A car ran him over. I turned my attentions to Căprioară and enticed him out of his shyness. Then a car ran him over.

Cora should have been next but she had a troubling habit of hanging out in the bar bathroom. She liked the garbage cans there. One day she came out with a used menstrual pad taped to her head.

A barmaid eventually offered to adopt Cora. Cora now lives happily with a dalmatian and a yappy shih-tzu. Cora also kills her owner's pet cats. She literally tears apart any cat foolish enough to exist in her vicinity.

Some of you may remember my sweet pup, Lăurică. A car hit him last September 17.

Now our other sweet pup, the scruffy-looking Flocea - or Pubic Hair in English - is sick. The medicine isn't happening. The illness has attacked his brain.

My father learned how to wield a syringe and how to administer vaccines to his dogs. He goes out of his way, for a Romanian, to help his dogs.

He is not a sentimentalist however. He warned me that soon Flocea will be put to sleep.

I am a little consternated. If Flocea must die, what death is better?

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