Hamster Escape 

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Crenguţă is getting better at escaping from the hamster ball. Twice this week already.

When I returned from Montreal/New York, the hamster kennel figured the only way to keep our little shrew under lock and key was to swathe the circumference of the ball with duct tape.

Our relationship has gotten so well she doesn't run away when I, the colossus, come stomping through to scoop her back into the hamster ball.

Tonight I crouched down beside her and, in a reversal from her youthful hissing, she clambered around me and over me. A bit of sightseeing, as if I were the Great Pyramid, then she ran off to explore the forbidden land of Behind the Bed. In the world of the hamster, that's the most affectionate behaviour she will ever exhibit.

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