IKEA Book Store 

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ikea is this tricky furniture store.

There are books in all the displays but they are fake books. Well, the books are in Swedish. Though we have a few Swedes left over, no one in Canada can read these books, making the books obsenely out of place.

The Ikea in Coquitlam pulled a fast one on Canadian shoppers. It has a fake bookstore filled with Swedish novels and encyclopedias. It even has a sign that says "The Book Store."

The Book Store has multiple copies of about twenty books laid out on shelves as if in a bookstore. None of the books have price tags.

To further confuse buyers, there is one English language book ("Container Gardening") both on a display table and beside the fake "cash register." These copies also had no price tag.

The only price tags in the Book Store was on the furniture.

You would think that a furniture store that opens its cafeteria for breakfast half an hour before it opens the furniture section would have reading material.

What? Are people going to learn Swedish in the toilets after breakfast?

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