Money Walking Around in the Woods 

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Last week's Maple Ridge News carried a story about a couple of troublesome bears that destroyed 70 of a hazelnut farmer's 90 pollinating trees:
Despite baiting a bear trap with moose steak and molasses, anchovies and apples, Pitt Meadows hazelnut farmer Eero Rontu was having no luck trying to snare the culprit which has been eating into his profits.

A bear trap, provided by conservation officers and even stocked with delicious bacon fat warmed in a frying pan heated by a candle, failed to attract the bear for the past week.
Once he trapped the bear, it was by turns sleepy and angry, perhaps "because the apple-molasses mix may have fermented a bit during last week's warm weather." The bear presumably ate the moose steak and anchovies right away.

Rontu points out that in Finland one can sell just such a bear to a restaurant for $4500.

"We have lots of money walking around in the woods here."

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