Friday, September 30, 2005

I am no longer in Porn Movie. Never mind where I am.

Let's play a game, instead.

You guess what the following are or for what they're used.

Update: I've added some of the guesses so far now that I'm back in Porn Movie.



Chief Ten Bears: Take home gifts from the Six feet Under season 5 wrap party.

Frank: 6 members of a Jamaican ragga tribute band are tragically caught in a very thin pool of green quicksand.

LJ: Nail Painting shop window display

Rurality: ZOMBIE hands!

Julie: pimp slapper

Bluewyvern: Long nails for hijacking airplanes.



Chief Ten Bears: Dim Sum extruders most commonly found in chinese restaurant kitchens.

Frank: Kublah Khan's cigarette bins.

LJ: some kind of old vents in the sidewalk

Rurality: Big thimbles for the ZOMBIE hands.

Julie: urban-hornet hives

Bluewyvern: Barriers for stopping carbombs.



Chief Ten Bears: Your life flashing before your eyes as you look up while your elevator plunges to the ground floor.

Frank: God's toilet.

LJ: Stained glass ceiling in a building

Rurality: What the ZOMBIE hands hath wrought.

Julie: mandala for a banker

Bluewyvern: A skylight for illuminating divinely.



Chief Ten Bears: Uuh, a bird with a pair of testicles beside its head?

Frank: Part of an illuminated manuscript that was entirely made from concerete.

LJ: A fresco on a cemetary monument

Rurality: What the ZOMBIE hands hath wrought.

Julie: chip off the ol' John Keats memorial soup tureen

Bluewyvern: Funereal sculpture for mourning the victims.



Chief Ten Bears: New Starbucks frap drink for St. Patrick's day: the McDonald's-shamrock-shake-barfachino.

Frank: I am guessing here, but could that be a very long pink lizard trying to escape from a large pool of green slime?

LJ: Green algea on the water

Rurality: ZOMBIE hands, after falling into the lake that is covered in pollen (arranged by the Grinch who stole Christmas).

Julie: aeriel view of sour stomach

Bluewyvern: Scuzzy water for dumping the bodies.



Chief Ten Bears: Big Foot's bowel movement.

Frank: A hedgehog that recently exploded. Looks recent. Probably still a crime scene.

LJ: I'm torn between - something dead, or some kind of seed pod that hasn't dispersed.

Rurality: Charred remains of ZOMBIE hands, after having been fished out of the river and torched by the locals.

Julie: sycamore ball meteorite

Bluewyvern: A dead animal for tripping over.


The person with the most correct answers - or failing that, the most amusing answers - wins a prize.

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