Friday, October 21, 2005

I woke up suddenly, with an aching desire to know what happened to Marie-Thérèse Walter.

She surfaced then disappeared.

She slept (while masturbating) and slept and stared at her (pregnant?) self in mirrors.

Marie-Thérèse might have been just a sixteen-year-old on the beach when she had the misfortune to meet Picasso. Others say she was fifteen when Picasso saw her by the Galeries Lafayette and said, "Mademoiselle, you have an interesting face. I would like to paint your portrait. We are going to do some extraordinary things together." (From the biography by John Richardson, Through the Eye of Picasso.)

Picasso had dumped Fernande Olivier for Eva Gouel. Eva luckily died of TB before Picasso could inflict any damage and he went on to ballerina Olga Koklova, who eventually went mad. It was while he was with Olga, in his forties, that he met and wooed and impregnated the teen Marie-Thérèse. Then on to Dora Maar, who went on to a future of electroshock therapy in trying to get over Picasso once he dumped her for Francoise Gilot.

Francoise was the only woman who ever dumped Picasso. In art history circles, we gossip about how her daughter, Paloma, was the only one of Picasso's children who had a decent life.

Jacqueline Roque, the final woman in Picasso's life, shot herself in the head in 1986.

Marie-Thérèse committed suicide in 1977. She hung herself in her garage.

Between the birth of their daughter Maya in 1935, when Picasso got bored of his sex slave, and her suicide, the only other snippet of a life is that she had a catfight for Picasso's benefit.

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