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Sunday, October 16, 2005

As the proud parent of a smurf figurine (Viking Smurf - guards my toothbrush in the bathroom), I am as thrilled as any other smurf lover to see that smurfs are on everybody's radar once again with the recent furor over the UNICEF bombing of the smurf village. So what if Smurfette died? Now I have Handy Smurf all to myself.

For the longest time, rumours swirled online with "proof" that the smurfs were communist*. Written by brainwashed schmucks who probably wear Che Guevara t-shirts, these websites purport that the smurfs are communist starting with the revelation that Papa Smurf ripped off Karl Marx's beard.

Only one lone writer, whose site I can't find, pointed out that smurfs are a capitalist creation to sell toys.

Hopefully the renewed interest in smurfs will lead to an upsurge in smurfiness; this is the perfect moment to prosletyze smurf comics.

About the size of Tintin or Asterix comics, the smurf comics, even in translation, are hilarious.

Take Smurf of One and Smurf a Dozen of the Other, from 1975's The Smurfic Games. The story revolves around the two smurf dialects, the Northern (i.e. corksmurf) and the Southern (i.e. smurfscrew).** Based on Belgian language wars, the story has demonstrations, hi-smurfings, artificial frontiers, fistfights, and smurf-kebabs.

Which reminds me. The UNICEF attack on the smurf village is bad but the smurfs faced such dangers before.

In the 1976 The Smurfs and the Howlibird, the avian predator hurtles boulders at the smurf village, destroying many of the mushroom structures.

Likewise, in the following year's King Smurf, the smurfs turn once again on themselves and even bomb their own village.

Smurfs are resilient. They'll get over it.

Update: Paramount will release a feature-length smurf trilogy starting in 2008.

*The other appearance of smurfs was in rumours that they were satanic.

**Handy is a Southern smurf. Jokey is a Northern smurf.

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