Wednesday, November 30, 2005

50,226 words and four chapters that need finishing. I will bulldoze my through as much as I can get done before work, then more tonight after work.

But I wrote 50,000 words in one month!

Me, the eternal procrastinator, the person who spent weeks tortured by 2,000-word essays! I have a novel on my hands!

This isn't my first finished novel; when I was eleven, Ms. Perry, my beloved language arts teacher gave the class an assignment. We had one weekend to write a story about marshmallows. I came back with a novel.

Since those heady days twenty years ago, my output has come at considerable price. Instead of the 48 hours I spent on that first novel, this one took me about 100 hours. Mind you, instead of the 42 handwritten pages, this one is 118 single-spaced pages.

The novel needs at least two more years of work. A second and third draft, quite possibly a fourth. A friend whose father is one of the most well-known writers in Korea told me he does about twenty drafts of each novel. My four drafts seem rather pompous and naive.

There is also a lot of research that needs to go into this. What sort of glasses do vampires need when they drink blood at a banquet? What kind of funerals do mice have? How exactly does the Batthanyeum Library look like inside? Where were the gates of Alba Iulia's fortress?

For now I am not going to worry about that.

I think I'll just bask in glory.

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