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Monday, November 28, 2005

Let me introduce you to the new blogs in the sidebar:
  • I came across Justin's Musings of a Drunken Monk when somebody googled "Gyoda blog" and found me - Maktaaq had its start in Gyoda, Japan, when I was a very bored morbid person in a sea of super-cheeriness. I then googled "Gyoda blog" and found Justin. He lives in Gyoda, not in my old apartment, but rather in the former apartment of my best friend's ex-boyfriend! I read his blog in hopes that one day he will go all nuts and trash that place.

  • Next up is Hebdomeros. He's a writer into whom I ran through the now defunct Litblitz blog. After Litblitz's demise, I wallowed in grief for a while, then realized that there was another writer's blog out there waiting for me to be more attentive. He writes reviews and is working on a fantasy novel, but on his blog he writes about writing. I do hope he'll write more about the secret world of ladybugs.

  • Then there is a complete stranger. His name is Roman Dirge and he writes and draws a comic called Lenore. She's a "cute little dead girl." Dirge writes a blog entry on OF MICE AND MENtal abuse about every two weeks. The best thing is, each post has a drawing of Lenore, along with skulls, bats, graves, taxidermied animals and cute mice. I am one of those people who keeps Halloween decorations up year-round so I totally go for this sort of stuff.

  • Another complete stranger I've taken to is Natalie Dee. She does drawings. Most importantly, she loves hamsters: "i love hamsters. they are my favorite pet. they are cute and furry and industrious and they live in a cage, so they do not crap all over the place. .....loving hamsters is an adventure in heartache." Plus her hamsters had names like Lenin and Stalin, which are almost as good as the name Lord Wellington for a hamster.

  • Drawn! has a gazillion pretty illustrations from all over the place. Presumably you have to check every day to keep up with the thing.

  • Also on the art front, there's Chief-Ten-Bears, a sculptor from Whistler who "used to be a city girl with a Starbucks cup in one hand and a leopard print tote in the other." The Chief now chops woods and carves wooden bears. No word so far about fetching water.

  • Finally, K-Bear from NY, a blog of more incredibly pretty pictures. There is Hedgehog's Journey, with the first installment, By Sea, in which Mr. Hedgehog sails across the ocean in the S.S. Octopus.

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