National Novel-Writing Marathon 

Sunday, November 13, 2005

So I am 8000 words behind in my National Novel-Writing schedule. Four days off (for a weekend and two sick days) means two thousand words a day that I need to blow out of my ass.

The ghost muskrat point of view is not working. Ghosts turned out to be pretty boring; they just re-enact their deaths all the time.

As for the decapitated lady, my novel has hundreds of decapitations, so maybe I should lay off the decapitions for a while.

The Siamese twins did make it in the novel: "There was also a pair of Siamese twins, called Ping and Pong on stage, and Stan and Dan off stage. The freakshow tried to cash in on the Oriental craze; eventually the boys decided to split their proceeds and go their separate ways."

Last night I had a real breakthrough. A new character, but one with an interest in the advanced taxidermy, like my main character. The two proceed to have this conversation:

"If you want to feel the spider's carapace here, you'll see that with tarantulas you're not sewing soft tissue but a hard exoskeleton, that is very brittle and very easy to break." Chriselda pointed to the spot between Baby Sally's cheeks where the tarantula met the face.

"Very nice," said the soldier with genuine appreciation. "The nerves must have been hell to attach."

"Yes, and I work without anesthetic. Even with restraints, the subject won't sit still. I can definitely see the attraction in working with fully dead subjects."

"Well, stoat tableaus are all the rage in Switzerland, I hear," said the soldier.

"You're very interested in organic tailoring."

"And eating? Can all three heads eat?"

"No, unfortunately, the human head has to eat for all three. I got one esophagus installed-" Chriselda here pulled open the left arm eel's mouth. "But it got clogged with furballs."

"It couldn't get a good grip on its victim?"

"Yup, so it would just tear out the victim's hair. Since they share one stomach I was afraid the baby might get colicky."

Allrighty, that's enough blogging for one night.

Caffeinated tea ready, peppermint anti-headache lotion applied to forehead, laundry being ignored, it's time to slot in 500 words between now and a bathroom break. Wish me luck!

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