Vampire Hunter Logistics and National Novel Writing 

Monday, November 21, 2005

Logistics in the fantasy Transylvania were keeping me up last night.

I was worried about the chase scene with the villains having an unfair advantage. They not only appropriated horses from the peasants but also stole the only map in existence that would lead to the vampire castle. My main character is going by her sense of smell alone in tracking down the undead.

I thought of using the bear with additional pheasant, deer and boar heads as the main character's mode of transportation. My main character, by the way, is an organic seamstress who also happens to be a vampire hunter as a day job (though not a killer - this is important as her boyfriend, pets and employees are all vampires).

I figure the bearded girl, whom my main character has taken under her tutelage, and the fur trapper character can all fit on the bear's back behind the main character.

This way, with the bear galloping at full speed, they could beat the mercenary vampire killers to the mines that lead down to the vampire castle. The winged vampire muskrats can just fly alongside the bear. That solves getting to the vampire castle.

My only concern is that the bear has the boar and pheasant on the left side of his head and the deer on the right side. I might need to go back and throw in another animal head to even it out.

It has to be a game animal.

I thought of moose, but the moose antlers would get tangled with the deer antlers. Perhaps a vampire salmon head? A vampire hare?

I hate writer's block.

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