There Have Been Some Changes Around Here 

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I've tidied up the place. After two years of wishing, the colours at the top of this blog reflect my patriotism. Then font is also a better representation of me - it's called "Decomposed" and it has a piratey-zombie-Transylvanian look about it that sums up most of my interests. It's all thanks to Matt.

The About section sprawls less now. I've cut out my cartoon crushes. If perchance someone can't get enough of me, they can also read the work blog or my contributions to Metroblogging Vancouver.

I've also cut out the Now Reading section; it was there to make me read more but long-time readers might have noted I am still reading the same books as in 2004. I need to learn to speed read and finish them off but you guys were no help in prodding me along the path of bookishness. I am attempting another book page to make me read more literature instead of those fascinating but ultimately useless Ripley's Believe It or Not books. More on that when the page is done.

After much thought, I will try out abbreviations in brackets to point out the British Columbian (BC) and Romanian (R) blogs I read. I am not entirely sure if that'll make anyone think, Damn, that's where all the Romanian blogs are, I must go and read them now! I'm hoping it might.

Then there is the Blog Graveyard for those blogs that haven't been updated in six months. Overloaded with sentimental value, I cannot bring myself to erase them. Someone told me to add them to Bloglines and wait for an update; I'd still like, however, to have a link to them in case I ever feel nostaligic enough to read their archives.

Finally I added another new blog, Loud Murmurs, which my friend David writes. David is a refugee from the conservative madness south of the border and has great insights on the great divide that separates Canadian and American societies. His love affair with my city makes me proud of being Canadian and, more specifically, from Vancouver.

There are still two other bigs changes I want to add here. Those will take a lot of work.

Hopefully you like the new look. Thanks for reading!

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