Knitting for the Morbid 

Sunday, January 29, 2006

"Beutiful art made with kintting," despite the terrible typing, excels in the knitting department. That is, if you like knit b-movie-worthy props.

A cat with its yarny guts spilling out; a crocodile eating a child - fed by a reluctant Southern teen momma we presume; a giant pair of scissors stabbing a happy-in-death schoolgirl; a shark snacking on a hapless swimmer, head first; a Pinocchio that bears a striking resemblance to Michael Jackson with his honker being sawed off (who knew wood could bleed?); a suicide bunny in a masochistic carrot fantasy; Curious George rowing to freedom on a phallic banana - check out the yarn ripples! - conjoined teddy bear twins; and, in a twist on every little girl's fantasy, a unicorn impaling a teddy bear on its trunk.

Which serious knitter created all this? The site has no names. Reminescent of the Unfortunate Animal of the Month Club, it's seriously warped.

The referring blog, Yumlum, has no further information to give. Chockful of the weird (my other favourite is the referral to the Barbie doll dishes) but I will be keeping an eye on Yumlum from now on.

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