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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

If you're not afraid of heights, bugs, dinosaurs and surly natives, by all means, watch King Kong.

The biggest disappointment of the night was when my favourite character died. Those of you who've already seen the movie will know whom I'm talking about: the one-eyed cook with the tattoo on his neck. C'mon, he totally won me over when he used porridge for shaving cream.

This blog post will be my angry letter of complaint to Peter Jackson:

Finally, an interesting character and you sacrifice him to the Tremors worm monsters! Andy Serkis, who also played the role of the movie's namesake, as well as Gollum in the film verison of Lord of the Rings, created a crusty old character that, given the chance, would have won over the big monkey's heart as much as that Naomi Watts wench in the lead role. Why'd you have to go and kill the only character with a sense of humour?

Now here's how you can make it up to me; add him as a pirate chef in some pirate movie. I don't care which pirate movie. I just want to see more of his culinary creations.

He's the new Emeril, I'm telling you!

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