Crenguţă's Tumour Goes Bye-Bye 

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Crenguţă's surgery went without incident. She woke up in full force soon afterwards. Then, about an hour later, the effects of the painkillers wore off. She froze in pain and I put her back into her hamster potty.

Um, yes, I forgot to mention the potty. She received a potty for Christmas and loved it. So much so that in the last two weeks, she took up permanent residence in the potty. She dumped out all the litter mix and moved in her tissue nest.

Back to the surgery conclusion. I lowered her water dispenser so she wouldn't have to stand up. Then I gave her dinner in bed.

Her chest or chin - you can never quite tell on a hamster - was soaked with blood. The vet said she had a little bruising, perhaps from Saturday's pinprick. The tumour is going out for a biopsy with results in two days. Otherwise, the vet warned me that she should not scratch her sutures.

"How do you do that?" I asked. "Don't I get one of those Elizabethan dog collars?"

"No, they don't fit on hamsters," said the vet. "You might try pulling up the skin from her feet and wrapping it around her."

Like a foreskin?

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