Here It Comes 

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just as thought. Things get wildly out of control as soon as I announced the plans:
My parents added a whole bunch of people to their list. Looks like I have to start sponsoring Romanians for tourist visas, as they insist on having their goddaughter and godson and their child, their Romanian army patrons, as well as the friendly spinster down the street. Plus my poor cousin whose father died last September.
On the plus side, my parents did behave. I had asked them to stop spreading rumours about me a while ago. They obeyed. Today they asked me if it would be okay with me to start spreading the news. I sighed. "Yes, now you may go the whole hog."

In other news, I discovered that sea cucumbers are indeed edible. A seaside town like Vancouver must have sea cucumber for sale.

I also discovered that sulphur baths penetrate one's being to the core. It doesn't matter how many showers you take afterwards. You can count on smelling like a rotten slice of French toast for days to come.

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