Friday, February 24, 2006

About a month ago, I began fostering a baby hamster for the Small Animal Rescue of BC. The rescue group told me that they auctioned off a choice of names for the girl on eBay but that I was welcome to rename her. Looking over the Petfinder site, I couldn't even figure out if she was Renee or Jane.

Hoisting my unrealized maternal greed on the baby, I decided to christen her the good old Romanian way. The new hamster girl will go by Valentina, the feminized version in honour of my cousin Valentin.


I didn't write about Valentina because I was hoping to get a photo of her to show her off. The above is the best I could do.

Hamsters, you see, are a very jittery bunch. Get in too close and they get curious.

Valentina Chin Cleft

Then they lose interest.

Valentina's Ear

They're kind of like sasquatches. All you get is a blurry, was-that-what-I-thought-it-was? Bigfoot shot.

Valentina's Fur

Then they're off and you're left with is a distant view of hamster butt.

Valentina's Butt

Welcome, Valentina!

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