The Decline of Crenguţa 

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lymphosarcoma. It sounds so ominous.
Cutaneous lymphoma (mycosis fungoides)-epidermotropic in adults, lethargy, weight loss, patch alopecia, exfoliative erythroderma. Dense infiltrates of neoplastic lymphocytes in the dermis with extention into the epidermis. The most common malignant tumor is the lymphosarcoma , often involving the thymus, thoracic lymph nodes, mesenteric lymph nodes, superficial lymph nodes, spleen, liver, and others. with variable cell types.
I never noticed the lethargy before. Crenguţă is no longer her usual monkeybar acrobat. She sits in her hamster ball near the cage and waits for me to put her back home.

Here she is in happier days:

Crenguţă Climbing

She bit me twice the other day, but it was a halfhearted biting; no puncturing of the skin. Hamsters can distinguish between bites and will alter the force of their chomp depending on whether they think you deserve a warning or a stern warning. This bite of Crenguţă's was not entirely by choice. She probably would have liked to draw blood, would have drawn blood, if only she had the strength to sever my finger.

She has bags under her eyes. She packs her cheek pouches as usual. The vet said that the tumour was tangled with her salivary glands. That explains the thirst, I thought. A little scab on her back, hidden by the fur.

Tonight she ripped open a stitch and the skin seams turned red. I snipped at the loose string and Crenguţă winced each time the scissor blades crossed. The stitches were too strong to cut.

Crenguţă Peeking

She prefers to sit in her cage and gaze out, too tired anymore to go about her usual hamster business.

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