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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Muff in Bowl

Hint: it's not a hamster.

Whatever it is, it's a "muff."

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "muff diving" doesn't it?
Oh, Oh, Oh!...Fake Mustache from a Spy Disguise Kit?...World's Smallest Angora Sweater? Or perhaps, The Dreaded Hairy Leech?
Help, we have finally moved and I can't find a thing. Will contact you after I fetch my toupee out of the loo.

P.S. love the new blog look.

The dreaded hairy leech? I love this - muff-diving belongs with this photo. It would make a good postcard.

Keep guessing; I am enjoying this.

Pug: what's your new number?
cat hair from cat brush
I've got it! it's a "small" prize from the Playland midway games. Either that or the Miracle Chamois from the gizmo and crap building.
Zombie waterpillar?
Cat hair pulled out of a comb.

Final answer.
Can you go ahead and tell us what is now please?
I love the new look! I have to say, I'm not a big fan of the Romanian flag -- I always thought that red, yellow, and blue clash terribly -- especially the particular shades they use for the flag itself.

As for the picture... Can't think of anything funny to say, so I'll go with what I really think it is -- Matt's cat's hair! (he has a cat right?)
Miracle Chamois from the gizmo and crap building?

I love the idea of a zombie waterpillar...a waterpillar anything!

Yes, it's cat hair pulled from a brush. How boring compared to all the creative guesses.

As for the Romanian flag, it's boring, yes, but it's my country's flag. :)
How could any flag be anything but boring? It's the nature of the beast. As for the colors chosen, I find them quite vibrant and believe they lend themselves to come creative coloring of various items. Who wants dull, flat colors? A boring people? Heh.

As for the mystery item, I'm late but it had me stumped. I'm just glad no one bothered to guess what the 'other mystery item' on the seat was...
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