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Monday, April 17, 2006

It's been a long time in the working, especially because I needed to learn all that CSS stuff.

The colour scheme is vaguely Romanian, with the red, yellow and blue, though muted as to not blind. I find the colours slightly depressing and will mull over them. But maybe I'll get used to the new me.

I've also decided to try out the Blogger commenting system; Haloscan erases my comments after a certain number of comments and I've lost all my early comments as a result. Perhaps Blogger will be nicer?

I have disabled Haloscan for now and will look over my comments later to see if there are any that I need to respond to.

My blog links are gone, replaced with a link to my Bloglines account. I haven't added everyone yet to Bloglines; hopefully everyone has an RSS feed.

Not having blogrolls on one's front page is a blogging faux pas; the whole linking thing, however, strikes me as a little highschoolish. I myself find it embarrassing when someone de-links to me. I have heard that links in blogposts are worth more in the universal scheme of things, so I will try referring readers to great bloggers in my posts.

Then there's the question of categories. I'd really like to have them; Blogger prevents me from editting anything beyond 999 300 posts. This blog is gaining on 1200 posts in its four years of existence. It would be a great opportunity for procrastinating to go back and categorize everything.

First, I would need to figure out how to add categories. Blogger doesn't support categories. What I've read, from other Blogger users, is not promising. I'll keep looking.

Finally I will be adding drawings to this site as I merge it with my former illustration blog. Narwhals, of course, the so-called "corpse whale" and the creature from which the Inuit procure maktaaq. I've been tinkering with sperm whales and a baleen whale or two, when I should have been concentrating on my subcutaneous fatty namesake.

Let me know what you think and where I could make improvements.

Thank you for reading!

PS Thank you to Matt for all the free design consulting.

I really like the new look. Especially the tortured type on top (how's that for alliteration?)
Man I hate bloggers comments with their 'word verification' crap.
Yeah, right, anonymous, and get stuck with a ton of spam?

Thanks, David! I can't wait for the picture!
I like the colors! I think Charles is the only one without an RSS feed. (If you find one let me know. Not that he ever posts much nowdays anyway. Bad Charles!)

The tortured type :) reminds me of 1) Edward Gorey, 2) The Decemberists.
Yeah, for people like Charles, I'll just have to manually visit his site.

Thanks, Rurality! The tortured type is the same one I've used in the title for the last few months.
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