Of Carnivore Slugs and Other Monsters 

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Two Christmases ago, my best friend Pugshot gave me the Sci-Fi/Horror B-Movie game, Grave Robbers from Outer Space.

We played up a storm, attracted by the cheesy dialogue, monster-distracting cleavage, bloodsucking fiends, blobs, carnivore slugs, killer toys and subterranean cannibals. I've recruited Matt into my

The next best thing to actually daydreaming up your own schlock horror pic might be playing this game. Just to start, you've got to come up with a title. You pick the six top cards from the deck, then cobble together a suitable title from the suggested words, adding the necessary thes and ofs.

In the last few hours, Matt and I have come up with:
  1. Unchained Coed Girlfriend of the Unholy Damned Terror
  2. Killer Hell Brain of the Demonic Sorority House
  3. The Three-Headed Alien Vampire from Beyond
  4. Lair of the Maniac Virgin Brides

I highly recommend the addition of the sequel, Skippy's Revenge and double-highly recommend not getting any of the other b-movie card sets. Not that they aren't good on their own, but while the mechanics are the same with all the games, the cards don't mix well, undermining the fun of making a horror film and in some cases just creating unbalanced powerhouse combinations.

GRFOS and GRFOS2 mix perfectly however.

Oh, and invest in a card shuffler - you'll be happy you did.
I've never heard of the card shuffler but that might be an idea as I've also recently taken up Munchkin. As for Skippy's Revenge, I got that for my best friend and I might get it to complement my set.

Thanks for the tips and thanks for reading!
Drexoll Games - 4th and MacDonald - always have a few shufflers in stock. I'm not sure why anyone would need a shuffler for playing poker, unless they're lazy or paranoid about making the cards random, but you get a deck or two of GRFOS or Munchkin, or anything, and boy, having something shuffle the cards for you is super handy. They're around $20.

Hmm, when will I ever make it back to Drexoll Games? Haven't been there in months...
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