Update on New Look 

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Now that I've given the new look twelve hours, I am finding a few buggy things.

It's not loading properly, with the blog body and the sidebar occasionally too big for their britches. It's because the code I used is based on tables (as a result of me wanting this specific look, full of boxes with rounded corners and not knowing how to do it). Matt offered to help me out again sometime, to improve the site.

The second thing is, it seems as if categories are a big issue with Blogger blogs. More and more I am tempted to switch over to Wordpress. I already have the maktaaq.com name lined up - try it out: www.maktaaq.com. Well, before I leave Blogger, I'll play around with categories still.

The "tortured" font, by the way, is called "Decomposed." It's from Acid Fonts.

You can use CSS to specifically control the size/shape of boxes and whatnot if you really want. It takes a little bit to learn but in the end it's quite a bit more elegant than tables.

Good luck!

PS I recomment Typepad or Moveable Type, but what do I know ;)
I've started reading up on the CSS.

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