Midnight Ice Cream 

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Out on the broad Pacific

By the time I figured out how to hook up the ice cream maker, put together the ingredients for a basic vanilla recipe, and scrounged enough ice, it was midnight.

Ice Cream Maker (Top)

After ten minutes of turning clockwise the mechanism self-adjusted and the inner canister began churning.

Twenty minutes
, I thought, that's what I'm in for.

Buster Keaton's shorts are about twenty minutes, I remembered. That'll keep me busy while I churn away at the ice cream. In popped Keaton's 1921 creation, the story of a family who takes his family out to sea on the homemade Damfino. Storm strikes, disaster ensues.

The Damfino in Storm

Every few minutes, I would take the crank off the inner canister and poke a finger into my ice cream.

Buster Keaton on the Damfino

The film is not one of Keaton's best, it nevertheless kept me company while I churned.

The ice cream is for the museum on Friday. I spent two days mulling over the ice cream maker directions, trying to learn how to theoretically use the thing. This afternoon at work, I gave up and decided to learn to use it the practical way. Become an old hand at it by Friday.

I hate ice cream. Not as much as weddings but definitely more than garden slugs. Ice cream is cold and icky sweet. It lacks the pleasure you get from biting into something and chewing it. Give me a nice medium rare steak any day.

However, when I pulled off the lid from the canister the last time, my heart melted a little to make room for ice cream.

You see, there's something about making something that had hitherto been a mystery - I had never given thought to the making of ice cream - that makes it dear to one. One of life's mysteries solved - by me! - and ice cream is suddenly my best friend.

So much so that, despite the growing pain in my stomach (uh oh, lactose intolerance here I come), I want to buy my own ice cream churner.

Ice Cream Maker (Inside)

Oh, it's simply beautiful. Can you send me some?

I like ice cream for the opposite reason: I have TMJ and things like steak and taffy make my jaw hurt. And you can't put chocolate syrup on steak. ;)

Hope you are well, dear.
You know, Jen, I have mild TMJ too, as a result of getting my wisdom teeth out most likely.

I would certainly send you some if there were any left. :)
Thanks, anonymous.

Hopefully it'll be upkept decently.
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