About a Song Called Chilman Uthegi Nahin 

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Steve has been been preparing for a trip to India for years and his blog, Proxy Indian, started in February, is an extension of his research. I don't know what will happen to the blog after October, when he returns home; hopefully he'll still be around and he'll be then dissecting his trip.

My best friend - Pugshot on this medium - introduced me to the wonderful Steve a couple Christmases ago*, during my last visit to Chicago. Steve, like me, is a connoisseur of old graveyards and fine chocolate, though my chocolate tastes are considerably more plebian than his noble ones. Most usefully, however, Steve is doing the research for me for a hobby I meant to take up: Bollywood movies.

One of his recent posts, about the song Chilman Uthegi Nahin, is a fun look at what makes the song and clip of its performance in the film Kisna so wonderful. Steve gives the background on what's happening at that point in the movie (interracial romance, Kisna's smuggling of Brit girl Katherine and her mom winds them all up in a courtesan's performance with a back-up dance group, where they go unrecognized for six minutes); the best choreography (minutes 2:20, 4:35 and 5:12); what the instrumental cameo was (a sarangi two minutes into the clip); the lyrics with the time approximation within the clip - along with the clip itself.

If only all Indian movies were so neatly prepared for my consumption.

Hint, hint, Steve.

*Matt always jokes that I remember everything by year. That's not true. I remember everything around my travels.

Thanks for the flattering review of my post. It was a lot of fun to write about this song. I think I'll do it again this weekend.

And when I get back from India? Who knows what I'll write about. India, probably, unless I've had a nervous breakdown (is there a smiley for crazy face?).
Wow I'll have to pass this blog to my roomie, since she just moved to India 2 weeks ago and is likely going to blog there too.
Mr. Proxy Indian, I have been out of the blogging loop for over a month now - I wonder what new songs you have for me.

Thank you for the comment, Litblitzin. It is a cool song, isn't it?
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