Ivan's Hamsterification Halted 

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This is my stepcat:

While Matt is away, Ivan stays with me.

In the past, Ivan's stay has produced some weird behaviour.

It must have been the hamsters.

Hamsters, in their domesticated environment, use tissue for their bedding. Each hamster had her style; Anişoara had a thing for for tissue curtains on her house, Crenguţă for a neatly lined nest, Valentina merely had a free-for-all disaster area going*.

After a couple of weeks with me, Ivan returned home. Then Matt discovered this:

As you can see, Ivan lined his own cat bed with paper towels. Just like the hamsters.

But the hamsterification of the cat is not over.

Ivan discovered the hamster treat bucket.

Whenever I go to the pet store, I always throw in a few hamster extras for the little ones. I've accumulated a bucket's worth of little packets of "hamster ravioli" and "hamster yoghurt drops" and the like. I left the bucket out by the hamster cage and Ivan explored.

He took out one bag, chewed it open, took out one hamster treat, licked it and was horrified. He tried another one from the same bag. He spat it out. Then he picked up another bag, chewed it open and same reaction. You could almost see the despair on his face: "What the hell are these hamsters eating?"

During the night he opened one more bag and spat out the one nibblet.

At least Lucian had no problem with the regurgitated treats.

*Even Sylvia from Small Animal Rescue commented that she was one messy hamster.

Sounds like Ivan is switching teams. This can be a good thing. maybe he won't try to eat them.
This is too funny! Ivan is a cutie. How does he react to Lucian? Does he watch him as if he wants to pounce at any moment?
Yes I was initially worried about the concept of Lucian being in imminent danger. It sounds like instead Ivan's quoting the Cure, "Why can't I be you?" As I would suspect since Lucian is so dashing. (Ivan's cute too though! And a snappy dresser!)
Ivan is cute and is sometimes afraid of the hamster when he's in his ball. However, he did get stalk-ish one night, so we're not out of the woods just yet.

I like the reference to the Cure song.
I always called him little black bear, but perhaps he should now be called Zelig?

I wonder if this will make him think he's even lighter than he thinks he is already?
Yes, he does seem to think he's really light when he walks over me in the morning.
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