Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Distraught after the death of Valentina, I phoned up Sylvia at Small Animal Rescue, told her about the death of my foster hamster and asked if, provided she still trusted me with hamsters, I could take in another foster hamster.

This is Lucian:

For those of you who don't speak Romanian, his name is pronounced "Lou-chee-an." Named after my sole maternal first cousin, Lucian the Hamster resembles Lucian the Man in girth. Male hamsters, like many male mammals, are larger than the female both in bulk and length - their length increased by disproportionate testicles.

At first, I was reluctant to get an aesthetically troubling animal into my household. With the female hamster's genitals safely tucked from view, I never feared the possibility of unintentional incest as I picked up the critters. The male hamster thus requires extreme decorum.

To my hamster-saddened heart, I am thrilled that male hamsters, on the other hand, have less of a propensity to die from cancer than female hamsters (for example, both Crenguţă and Anişoara) and furthermore, male hamsters are the gentler of the two hamster sexes.

Lucian's amazing physique is enhanced by his enormous bat-like ears:

Of course, my Transylvanian ancestry (with an actual bastard countess relative, no less) delights at this almost noctilionine rodent.

*Both photos courtesy Matt.

I'm glad to hear you've jumped back on the "Foster Plan" way. These Hamsters deserve a good home - like yours!
P.S. - He's cute too! (LJ)
Sooo cute! And your blog looks great after my long absence!! Wow, Blogger has really improved itself... good stuff!
That first picture is indeed ridiculously cute. I am sure Lucian is thrilled with his new home.
OK, I can't help myself... I've got to say it... he's so CYOOOOT!
I can't get over him myself! Wooowwweeee he's adorable!
Owwwww he's so adorable. I'm glad you have a new critter. And I love the name Lucian - it's my favorite Romanian name.
Lucian's your favourite? I love Valentin (which happens to be the name of another cousin) and Catalin (yet another cousin). I am also partial to Rares. For girls, Anisoara, Crenguta and Nicoleta, the latter my sister's name.
I like all the names you've mentioned, but Lucian remains my favorite. Sadly, I will not be able to name my child, if I ever have a boy, Lucian. As it turns out, I have a friend by that name and my hubby is a bit jealous even though he has absolutely no reason to be (long story, I'll tell you when we meet in September). For girls, yes, I love Nicoleta (the name of my best friend in elementary school :)
That's funny about Lucian! For my parents, it's Rares - my sister had a boyfriend called Rares who, let's say, wasn't an ideal character. I think the name is weird and neat but my parents would never want to be reminded of their arch nemesis.
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