Lucian's Provenance 

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Valentina was to be my last hamster for a few years. As Crenguţă lay dying, I vowed to spoil Valentina into the little furry princess of my heart. After her death I would delve into the world of guinea pigs and possibly chinchillas.

The discovery of Valentina's corpse thwarted my maternal instincts. I was not ready yet to explore the other offerings of domesticated rodentia. I needed another hamster upon which to lavish adoration. Besides, I had stockpiled too many hamster luxuries to throw away.

I remembered that Sylvia of Small Animal Rescue had a sister and a brother of Valentina's. I planned, in my forlorn state, to take in one of the siblings and make it up to Valentina's memory by providing this family member with the care intended for Valentina.

Sylvia, however, had already sent her family to Vancouver Island. "Do you want me to ask for them back?" she asked. Sadly I declined. Valentina's brother and sister had already found a good home.

Instead, Matt and I examined six other hamsters. The peachies, as Sylvia called them, were removed from a little girl's bedroom on Knight Street. For six months the child had been breeding hamsters until her mother found the original two multiplied into twenty hamsters. Suddenly a dynasty of peachies were homeless.

Aside from my growing anger at parents who stupidly allow their kids to have pets and at petshops that sell animals, I am thankful at least that I can rescue one poor hamster.

Matt chose Lucian based on his appearance and his acrobatics.

Having only ever been a short-hair hamster owner, Lucian straddles both aspects of hamster fur: some of his fur is short, while in other places he sports a certain punk look. And the morning hair is cute beyond all similes.

Then there is his boxer's nose. A squished up snout makes him look like he's seen one matches too many, though his amicable personality puts him far off the pugilist spectrum. More likely the nose is a result of his monkey bar antics. For example, unlike other hamsters, he does not use the front door to get into his house - he paratroops into it, dangling from cage bar to cage bar and dropping into his bedding.

So much like royalty, the inauguration of his reign needs official portraits. Matt kindly complied to my requests, above and below.

キャァ~! So cute. I miss the ability to keep furry friends in my apartment. Damn you Japan!
You used to have a hamster?

You're not going to stay in Japan forever, are you?
You're such a good photographer! Those pictures should be at flickr.
I absolutely love the top black and white photo! It speaks volumes about a already well loved foster hamster.
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