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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Me, I find moustaches creepy. Nevermind that my most long-lived high school crush, a French painter dead for over a hundred years, sported one. I looked at pictures of him with my finger covering up his one fault.

No longer is Canada a wilderness of furry faces as were our forefathers. Men who don't shave are beyond forty and the weirdos with goatees are safely in the rural Fraser Valley or at hockey games, places I avoid at all costs.

My other friend Matt recently grew a moustache, in a way commemmorating his move back to Texas:
one of the great things was how quickly the ’stache could morph into something else. it could be ironic and fun, but with the addition of a hat of some kind (baseball, cowboy) suddenly the irony was gone, and i was an honest to goodness redneck. awesome.
Seriously though, I had no idea moustaches were so difficult to maintain:
’stache wax is not so easy to find these days, i will tell you. it’s not at rite aid. it’s not at ralph’s. there was online searching. there was an old-timey beauty shop in the jew-y old hollywood part of town. where it came with its own ’stache comb for only $3.99.
It gets even more complicated. Just go and read the rest. Hell, add Matt's blog to your RSS feed, he's one of the really good writers on the 'net.

I have to admit that I find facial hair very sexy. Well groomed facial hair, that is. Goatees -- very sexy! But then again I'm an historian, so I guess it makes sense :)
What do you mean it makes sense? :)

Btw, what aspect of history did you specialize in? I also should mention it, my other degree is in art history.
Oh cool, I don't think I knew that. I'm studying the history of medicine, 19th and early 20th c. -- and since most of those old doctors had facial hair... I was kidding. That's not the reason I like facial hair. My partner has a goatee, and every time he wants to shave it, I kick up a fuss. I win every time :)
19th century men were a very hairy bunch, that's true. Give me those clean-shaven 18th century roues any time!

I had a coworker who had a handlebar moustache complete with the wax up until about 9 months ago. In complete opposite to Matt's story, his new gf demanded that he rid himself of it.

It was definitely something altogether different though, I have to say. I had never seen anything quite like it. I would imagine he also realized like Matt how difficult it is to find the wax.

Thanks for the post, that was a hoot!
You make it sound so, so unique. It sounds almost like it's a pity it's gone.

Though I would have said cut it off myself, if I were the gf.

I am still so glad you're back! Hooray!
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