The Swastika in Canadian Hockey 

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

While looking up the Latvian Thunder Cross mittens, I came across the Wikipedia swastika entry. It turns out that one of the small towns in the Rockies, Fernie had a women's hockey team in the twenties called the Swastikas.

This is significant because I lived in Fernie for a very brief part of my childhood. And one of my oldest extent sculptures - a construction of Fernie found objects - is still in my kitchen, in front of me, in fact, as I type this.

The Swastikas was obviously quite a common name for hockey teams in the early twentieth century as Windsor, Nova Scotia also claimed the Swastikas (from 1905 to 1916) for its high-scoring men's team and Edmonton used the name for its own women's hockey team around 1916.

The Fernie and District Historical Society Museum has more to say about the team: "In 1923, 1924 and 1926, the Swastikas advanced to compete in Banff for the Alpine Cup, then the highest award given to any such team in Alberta and British Columbia. In 1923, they defeated the Calgary Regents to win the coveted award."

According to the History of Hockey in British Columbia, the Fernie Swastikas "also defeated the the Vancouver Amazons who had won the Rocky Mountain Park Trophy the year before."

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I am so glad you have returned to blogging. I've SOOO missed you!
Thank you, LJ. :) It's nice to finally have time to blog again!

I really appreaciate your nice comment - thanks again!
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