Lucian vs. Calamari 

Monday, November 20, 2006

This is Lucian:

He's usually very fussy about food. His mouth is gaping open. What has he noticed here?

It's cuttlefish!

This shit's good!

Hands off, punk!

Come back here!

You're not getting away!

[Lift-off photo too blurry.]

The fall:

Finger-lickin' good!

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You have the cutest hamster in the world-- of course, prior to rosebud's demise, I would never have admitted this.
who needs cute overload?

I like how you and matt did cat and hamster posts almost simultaneously. did you guys plan that or something?
Are you sure it's a good idea to create a carnivorous hamster? Someday he might find out you taste sort of like cuttlefish, too.
that meese is quite a looker, he needs a poodle cut for the best effect though.
Oh My Goodness!!! Lucian is just the cutest!!!
I, for one, strongly object to poodle cuts for meese.

Absolutely hamsterrific, this post.
It took me a couple scrollings-down to realize that was calamari sauce on the fingers of feeding, not the fingers' lifeblood. Because, ow.
Lucian knows the good shit. ;)

*Dies of cuteness*
MaikoPunk: No. We did not plan this. Our pets are simply so hopelessly cute, we cannot but help to laud them.

Lee: You sound like Renfield in Dracula. Zee blood ees zee life!

Ryan: Hmm, never considered it from that point. Damn. We're unwittingly creating an army of hamster mannibals.
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