Obscure Childhood Crush #1 

Saturday, November 18, 2006

It was Joe Holland. Never heard of him?

IMDB lists him being in only two movies.

Answers.com is a little more generous in parceling out the Joe Holland tidbits:
Actor and screeenwriter Joe Holland launched his onscreen acting career in Back to the Beach (1987). The son of actress Joanna Carson, his student film Delirious earned him a Frank Capra Award. Holland occasionally dabbled in television, making guest appearances on shows such as the drama 21 Jump Street and Cheers.
I developed my own crush on Joe because of his role as Zed in the 1987 movie Back to the Beach. He was the good-natured cute thug guy who rode his motorcycle on the beach, was très punk, and (fodder for my childhood fantasies) he stormed a girls-only slumber party! Swoon! Slumber parties were never the same after 1987. I wished I could have hit him with my pillow!

So, um, it turns out that Joe died. Pulmonary embolism at 33, got him May 4, 1994.

Only one picture exists of Joe and it's blurry, plus he's pursing his lips. It's like a yeti sighting.

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1994! Honey, you should be ashamed of yourself....

I too have lost most of my teen heartthrobs to premature expiration. Most notably, Joey Ramone, whom I did get to "hang with" due to my obsessive groupie behaviour (this included climbing in hotel windows). There was one nite where he actually "liked me" in order to get back at his girlfriend with whom he had just argued. Lucky for me they patched things up quickly~! I wonder if there is any deep meaning behind young woman who chose to crush on those fated for early check out?
Groupie stuff? Hanging out with Joey Ramone?

Okay, Lyn, your next writing project is your memoirs!

Seriously you lived one of the most exciting lives I have ever known. You're like the modern version of a WWII survivor, you're that interesting.

As for crushes on those who check out early, I think Joe Holland is one or two of my sole such crushes. The others, I am embarrassed to say, are alive and well and their memories still humiliate me. Ask me about my Willem Dafoe crush sometime.
I actually had to look Willem up as I could not match a face with the name. Humnnnn.... tho I suppose I am not one to talk with my Ramone fetish. The best part of that whole nonsense was the fact that my mother kept grounding me for hanging out with the Ramones, and I kept defying her and going to hang with them anyway. I mean, if I had an underage daughter that was hanging out with Ramones, I would certainly take more severe action than simply grounding her--- and my mother had seen Rock and Roll High School, so she had to have some idea of what I was up to....

Did I mention that I just found out (google is a dangerous thing) that the ballet teacher with whom I studied for 12 years, who was my mentor, the person who shaped me, had the greatest impact on my life, and upon whom I undoubtedly had the biggest crush of my youth, was lead actor in reoccurring roles in the Joe Sarno sexploitation films from the 60's? No one knew about this or I am sure that in 12 years of being at that dance studio, 7 days a week, I would have heard about it--- and certainly there was plenty of other gossip.


That is actually he in the top LHS picture. Having found this out, I had to order some of the films. Today I received Flesh and Lace... "Gilda, dancing like a sexy automaton on the floor of a dingy bar... Joan, hopelessly addicted to a man who can only bring trouble... Julius, so in love with a nymphomaniac that he starts procuring other men for her... "

Basically, a reluctant stripper thinks she is a lesbian,or worse, but it actually turns out that she is a nymphomaniac, and so she sets up a bed in the basement of a toy store that from there on in she never gets out of, and men come there to fuck her on a non-stop rotating basis. There is some interesting girl fighting, and quite the impressive revolver that gets tossed about. However, when the gun first came out, and my old dance teacher, who plays the bad boy Rook, asked Joan, "Where did you get the heater?" My eyes started searching out the scene for one of those plug in electric heaters, and my mind was thinking, "What does an electric heater have to do with any of this?" It took me a few seconds to notice the gun and put two and two together.

The insane music, the brilliant and very poorly delivered dialogue, the very bad soft porn sex and the fact that the biggest crush of my life is naked and banging women right and left in front of my very eyes in black and white---- is amazing! I can't wait until the rest of the films come.

You know, yours is my first blog as I have told you, and it just dawned on me that maybe I am breaking some big blog code and leaving comments that are too long. Sorry if this is the case. I am quite new to this and am still pouting over having had to give up my writing paper collection and sealing wax for a key board and email. I was actually told by my uncle the other day that "long emails are no longer in vogue." I feel lost in a sea of forbidden words.
I have a new hamster. She looks like something a northeast storm blew in. All white and fluffy and drifty. Despite my best efforts to convince her that her name is Esme, she insists on Willow. I suspect she collected my little ponies in a past life. So Willow it is, and I am off to a new start with Rosebud forever in my memory. In fact, I when I asked Rosebud how she felt about this new addition, I actually visualized her doing back flips---hope your holidays were grande--- you have been away from the keyboard it seems, and while your fan base misses you, we forgive. lma
Lyn: Don't worry about length. You're watching your teacher's porn?! That's almost incestuous! As for the new hamster - hurrah for Willow! Photos? May I suggest a hamster blog to give Baruchito a run for his money?

Sorry for being away - disaster upon disaster here. But not to worry - one tent collapsing under 20 cm of snow was not enough to destroy me.
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