On a Phallic Note 

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dora the Explorer gone wild from Wild Planet Toys.

"What marketing department missed this?!!" exclaimed Matt.


explore with Dora! that's way too funny. i just punctured a lung laughing.
This entry of yours actually is a wonderful lead-in to a sticky question I have been wanting to ask you pertaining to your hamster's testicles (I will refrain from using his name here to protect his innocence). You no doubt can already understand the delicate nature of what I am about to ask.

The Idaho Humane Service is on the prowl for a rescue hamster for me, and because I am rather desperate to fill the gaping hamster hole in my heart, I have stated that I am not picky with respect to sex. The thing is, when I adopted Rosebud, may the gods rest her lovely soul, I was first presented with a male hamster, who was quite stunning, but who had rather pronounced testicles, as I understand is common practice thru out the hamster world.

My thoughts at the time were, "I am already dealing with enough of this in my human relationship, go for the girl."

I have never been parent to a boy animal, least of all one with such pronounced parts, and I am worried that if I am assigned to a boy rescue.... well, I just want some insider advice on how you took to this very unique feature of the male hamster anatomy.

I suppose when one is in love, testicles that are very nearly half the size of the one you love should not create a deterrent. I have never considered myself to be a "looksist," yet, I cannot deny that I feel a certain hesitation in this particular situation.

And so, I look to you once again for wisdom and counsel.

Lyn: Well, last night I noticed that, seen from the right angles, my hamster's very pronounced testicles appear to be a very low-slung pair of boobs. I am actually used to them now, though I still occasionally find them comical. Now the very little hamster penis, the one time I saw it, that was a shock...maybe more so because my hamster just woke up and I realized his erection must have been his morning wood.

Maikopunk: Thanks! :)
Aww, the link isn't working.
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