Unimaginably Awful Hippo Death 

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When I was eight, I went to the dentist, submitted to the tortures and then the dentist reaching over to his desk, opened a drawer and allowed me to choose a toy. I chose the orange hippo.

For years, the hippo - an eraser presumably - was my companion. No bigger than one of my finger joints, his soft rubberiness made him fun to chew one. I even almost bit off his right leg. To this day it hangs on with a sliver.

When I grew up, I put away my childish things. The hippo went into a box with an unlikely companion.

Recently, I opened the box. The hippo and his companion, a rather malignant insect-man hybrid with shoulder pads to rival any samurai overlord, have melted into each other. Or rather, the bug man has melted into the hippo.

Hippo + Bug Man 1

Staring into the human face below the bug man's insectoid visage, I see pure evil, a diabolic evil.

Hippo + Bug Man 5

The hippo hasn't melted into the bug man. It's a one-sided deal with the bug man excreting his digestive ooze, in order to liquefy the hapless mammal. I doubt the bug man even needs the nourishment.

Hippo + Bug Man 6

Yet, for years, locked in slimed embrace, the hippo has suffered, emitting unheard screams of horror like the frozen Incan mummies.

Hippo + Bug Man 4


Oh noooo. That last pic is really a classic though.

(BTW I think your flower that you asked about is a Euphorbia, but one of the garden types.)
For years many of my favorite toys came from the dentist. They had lots of the miniature plastic animals I liked to collect, and I got one of my very favorites there, a large brown dragon with blue wings. Now all I get at the dentist is fillings.
Those are very good pictures. They help you tell the story very well. That last one is very moving.
I moved to blogspot. Please come visit. musingsbymugwhump - Hugs - LJ
Missing your posts most terribly--- are you an old married woman yet? Lyn
Rurality: thanks for the plant info. Weird things those euphorbias. That last picture is full of suffering.

Bluewyvern: Dentists should continue giving out toys. I am miffed that cereals no longer give out toys either.

Luke: Tragic, isn't it?

LJ: Thanks! Now I can subscribe.

Lyn: Yes, I am married and *old*. I hate the latter. I feel washed up, like a bitter 80s popstar, only without ever having had the screaming fans.
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